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Technical Specifications and Available Options

Large-sized machining centre for the working of (ultra-thick) slabs, paving units and blocks of natural and compound stone. Its configuration can be customized according to the various needs; it is especially designed for marble workshops involved in architectural projects and in the building sector in general.


  • Large-sized workbench with Duralumin surface for perfect planarity; easy mechanical or suction cup clamping; possibility to machine several workpieces with one single positioning operation; absolute machining accuracy
  • Bridge supporting and sliding structure on separate masonry or metalwork shoulders (Open Frame) to ensure sturdiness and rigidity for heavy-duty operations and durability of machinery
  • Operating unit equipped with an ISO 50 electrospindle secured on an articulated head with rotary axes. When stationary, the two zero-backlash reduction gears are assisted by an additional pneumatic brake
  • Z axis stroke up to 2000 mm for ultra-thick workpiece machining, assisted by a balancing pneumatic cylinder.

Use of cutting and shaping diamond disks up to 1200 mm diameter and extra-long wheels for milling and polishing of shaped or convex sections and space-oriented surfaces. The system is assisted by an automatic tool changer

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